» The Application Process

Q1) Do I still need to send in supporting documents?
A. The KCHRC no longer scans and uploads documents. Ignore answers below related to documents.

Q2) The application will not open. Why can’t I get it to display?
A. The application opens a new window. Make sure it isn’t being hidden behind another window. Also, make sure you disable any pop-up blocker you may have installed. You may also right-click on the link and select “Open Link in New Window” to defeat any pop-up blocker you may have installed.

Q3) I have completed the online forms, Teacher Fit & uploaded a copy of my official transcript(s), résumé, teaching certificate & credentials, and letters of recommendation (parts 1 – 3). Is there anything else I can/ need to do?
A. If and when you are deemed a competitive candidate for a vacant position, you will be contacted for additional information or an interview.

Q4) How will I know when my application is complete?
A. An application can be submitted to the Consortium when all required fields are filled in. After your application is submitted, it is available for review by member school districts — even if your additional materials haven not been uploaded you can submit.  Please make sure to complete Teacher Fit and upload official transcripts and other documentation.

Q5) How can I update my online application form?
A. You may update your online application form (part 1) at any time.  Simply login, change the appropriate information and click ‘complete application.’

Q6)  To whom do I address the letter of application (cover letter)?
A. “To Whom it May Concern,” works just fine.

Q7) My application won’t print. What do I need to do?
A. Adobe Acrobat Readeris required to preview the application. If you already have it installed and still encounter errors, you may need to download the latest version. The printed application is a a convenience and is not required to submit.

Q8) I lost my connection or my computer froze while I was working on the application. What happened?
A. There may have been a connectivity issue with the server or your computer/ network. Please try again and let us know if you have the same problem. If you do, please relay any error messages you may encounter.

Q9) I was typing and lost my information. What should I do?
A. Click “Save as Draft” periodically while working on the application. This will save your work. Click “Continue Working” to return to the application.

Q10) Is there any way to see if there are any “hits” on the application?
A. Our system is not set up to provide candidates this information.

Q11) Are the results of Teacher Fit available to the applicant?
A. Sorry, results are not available to applicants.

Q12) I was asked if/ would like to import my application from another district. How do I do so?
A. After completing an application with one district, you can import information from it by starting an application with another. Only completed/ submitted applications are available for import. To import, select “Import Existing Data” from the drop-down menu while editing an application.

Q13) If I updated my application, do I need to upload my supporting documents to the Consortium?
A. No. It is not necessary to resubmit the documents.

» Teacher Fit

Q14) Is there a minimum of questions that must be answered in Teacher Fit to give a meaningful result? Would a prospective employer know that some questions were not answered?
A. An employer would not know that some questions were not answered.

Q15) When I tried to take the Teacher Fit (part 2), it said I had already completed it. What happened?
A. If you’ve taken the Teacher Fit in another application (i.e. another school district), then your score is already on file.  The Teacher Fit cannot be taken more than once.

Q16) I think I may have missed answering a question within the Teacher Fit.
A.  Teacher Fit is designed to show all your strengths relative to another and can do this even if one or two items are missed. If you are concerned about more than two items, please contact us.

» Vacancies

Q17) I am interested in a recent opening, a certain school, or a specific district.  Is it possible to have my application sent there or considered for it?
A. Actually, if you’ve completed application process (parts 1 – 3), it has already been sent and will be considered. When you submit a KCHRC application, you apply for ALL open positions in each of the member school districts.

Q18) Can I apply for jobs/ positions other than those for certified staff listed here?
A. No, not through the Consortium. If you’d like to apply for a non-certified or administrative position in one of our member districts, please visit their web site for details.

Q19) Could you send me more information on a vacancy?
A. No.  If you’d like more information on a job posting, review the current vacancies.

Q20) What are the COVID-10 policies for district employees?
A. All district employees must either be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or submit to weekly testing.

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